Mobile Pixels TRIO Triple Monitor Laptop
Whether it be for work, play, or even trading stocks, having three monitors at your disposal will most certainly increase your productivity. Mobile Pixels TRIO Laptop Monitor lets you add three displays to just about any laptop. Simply put, this accessory magnetizes to the back of a laptop and it even has an optional two-sided presentation mode, portrait mode, as well as adjustable brightness. Should you need a vertical setup, these monitors can easily be rotated 180° or 270°.

It will definitely come in handy for work presentations, business meetings, online gaming, stock trading, or just watching all your favorite sports games live on multiple displays. The accessory is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and Chrome platforms. TRIO comes in two sizes and early backers can snap one up starting at just $199. Kickstarter page.

TRIO Triple Monitor Laptop
TRIO Triple Monitor Laptop
TRIO Triple Monitor Laptop


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