Amazon Game Studios Crucible
Amazon Game Studios latest game is Crucible, a 12-player, class-based adventure where players form alliances fight to become the last man standing. Another player will direct the game, enabling viewers interact with the game’s elements and trigger special events. In other words, this PvE (player versus environment) game not only has you fighting the other team, but also different beasts scattered throughout the game world.

When you defeat enemies, fuel is earned to help rank up your team, which helps make them more lethal and resilient on the battlefield. There are three playable modes: Harvester Command (8-on-8 tower defense), Heart of the Hives (two teams of four take down three large “hive” monsters) and Alpha Hunters (survival mode with eight teams of two surviving against the monsters). This game will be released at 12:00pm PST today (May 20, 2020).
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In our testing, and when we were working on the game plan, we just found that the game master has to be somebody who’s really, really good at coordinating those kinds of things. If it’s somebody who’s just kind of troll-ish, it doesn’t make for a very good experience…There are dozens of events… It’s still there. It’s just not run by a person. It’s automated,” said Lou Castle, head of Amazon Game Studios in Seattle.


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