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Duke University researchers have developed an artificial intelligence tool, called PULSE, that uses computer vision to transform blurry images of human faces into computer-generated portraits. Previous methods have yielded an image of a face that is up to eight times clearer than its original resolution, but this new tool is capable of 64-times the resolution. AI imagines features like fine lines, eyelashes and stubble that weren’t visible in the first place.

Unfortunately, this proof of concept system can not yet be used to accurately identify people. Advances in AI may eventually be able to turn an unrecognizable photo from a security camera into a crystal clear image of a real person. However, this current tool is capable of generating new faces that don’t exist, but look somewhat real, which could be useful for law enforcement purposes. However, it can take low-res shots of just about anything and create clear, realistic-looking images.
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AI Blurry Face Clear PULSE

Never have super-resolution images been created at this resolution before with this much detail,” said Duke computer scientist Cynthia Rudin, who led the team.


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