A'seedbot Solar Autonomous Robot
Photo credit: Mazyar Etehadi
Let’s face it, deserts are typically hot, dry and hard to cultivate. Meet the A’seedbot. This mini autonomous robot comes equipped with solar panels and designed to scour terrain at night, identifying fertile areas and plant seeds based on the data retrieved from its sensors.

A'seedbot Solar Autonomous Robot
A'seedbot Solar Autonomous Robot
It measures roughly 7.9-inches (20-centimeters) long and functions autonomously within a 3-mile radius. A set of 3D-printed legs allow it to traverse through sand and find the right levels of moisture to plant seeds. An articulating head enables it to look in multiple directions when identifying the right path.

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A'seedbot Solar Autonomous Robot
A'seedbot Solar Autonomous Robot
A'seedbot Solar Autonomous Robot

Desertification is a massive problem across the globe caused by unsustainable agricultural practices, mining, climate change and general land overuse. But much like climate change itself, desertification is a complex ecological issue that is difficult to understand,” said its designer.


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