Bill Smith


Black Hole Speaker
Photo credit: Arvin Maleki | Ayda Mohseni
Created by designers Arvin Maleki and Ayda Mohseni, the Black Hole speaker has an out of this world design that looks exactly as it sounds. Many know that a real black hole is basically a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that absolutely nothing, not even particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light, can escape from it. Fortunately, this device is used purely for entertainment.

Modern Hummer H1
Photo credit: Samir Sadikhov
Automotive designer Samir Sadikhov is a big fan of the Hummer H1, a 4WD utility vehicle based on the M998 Humvee, so it was only fitting to create a modern version of the vehicle, possibly for the 2022 – 2025 model years. The original was offered in three variants to consumers: a convertible-like soft top, four-door hard top Sport Utility Truck and an “Alpha Wagon” body version.

Stanford Black Mirror Dog Pupper
Black Mirror fans probably know about the robotic dog featured in the fifth episode, titled “Metalhead,” as they were inspired by Boston Dynamics’ robots such as BigDog. Well, a group of college students decided to build a miniaturized version for less than $900, and it’s called “Stanford Pupper”. All it took was a 3D printer, Sony PlayStation controller and other easy to obtain parts.