Bill Smith


Apple MacBook Built-in Wireless Charging
Photo credit: Sarang Sheth
Apple recently received approval for two US patents that includes sketches of a MacBook with integrated reverse-charging coils capable of wirelessly charging an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. These charging coils are located beneath the trackpad and palm rest areas. Apparently, there are coils in the top lid for charging purposes when the laptop is closed in clamshell mode. Similar to how the iPhone 12 has built-in magnets on the back, these special areas on the MacBook will have them as well.

James May Lotus Evija Electric Hypercar
The Lotus Evija may have been unveiled over a year ago in July 2019, but we’ve seen and heard little about it since. Former Top Gear presenter James May gives us an up-close look at this all-electric hypercar. It’s powered by a four individual in-wheel electric motors rated at 493 hp that generate a combined output of 1,970 hp and 1,254 lb⋅ft of torque. The vehicle most recently participated in high-speed testing at a track on circuits in Europe.

Firenze Lanciare Flying Supercar
Created by designer Greg Brown, the Firenze Lanciare just might be the world’s first flying supercar concept that is actually plausible, or so we think. Boasting retractable wings extended, it’s powered by two Williams FJ-33 jet engines producing 2,000 pounds when in the air, enabling it to cruise at 520 mph and a range of 850 miles, thanks to a 300-gallon fuel tank. When on land, the vehicle utilizes two electric motors that generate a combined 1,000 horsepower, which means a 0-60 mph time of under four seconds.

Ancient Snack Bar Fast Food Counter Pompeii
Photo credit: Archaeological Park of Pompeii
It may not resemble the snack bars of today, but this one, discovered by archaeologists in Pompeii dates back to 79 C.E. The snack bar, or thermopolia, is decorated with various images, including a rooster, ducks, and a dog on a leash and just one of the eighty other stalls unearthed at this site. This enables researchers to learn about the eating and living habits of residents of the ancient city.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Kite
French fashion house and luxury goods company Louis Vuitton has released some unusual items in the past, but this one may top them all. They have unveiled a $10,400 monogram kite that is designed to be the “stand-out gift for the outdoor enthusiast”. Measuring 13cm (l) x 10cm (w) x 75cm (h), it’s made from from nylon and available in the famous brown color, adorned with the iconic LV monogram all over.