Bill Smith


Piestro Pizza Vending Machine
Love pizza, but hate the wait? Meet Piestro, an artisan pizza vending machine. The company just announced that it is partnering with PopID, the facial recognition payment company, to offer consumers a faster, easier and safer way to pay using their face. This innovative cooking system is compatible with customizable recipes and stocked with the finest ingredients to produce a pizza that matches the artisanal flavor and ideal texture of local pizza classics in just three minutes.

OrionStar Coffee Robot
OrionStar’s Robotic Coffee Master is exactly as it sounds, a humanoid robot barista that makes perfect drinks, thanks to master-level brewing techniques learned from 3,000 hours of AI learning as well as 30,000 hours of arm testing / machine vision training. No drinks are off limits as it even knows how to perform complex curves and spirals with millimeter-level stability and accuracy.

Apple Car Wireless Charging
Photo credit: Emre Husmen
Codenamed Project Titan, Apple’s electric car is still under wraps, but details are slowly starting to leak out, with the latest being a possible partnership with Audi or Volkswagen. Whatever the case may be, industrial designer Emre Husmen provides us with his vision of this next-generation vehicle. It’s envisioned as an autonomous urban mobility vehicle of sorts with no real driver, but rather the duties be handed over to AI.

Electric Lilium 7-Seater Jet
While electric commercial / personal aircraft hasn’t been approved by the FAA, the Lilium 7-Seater Jet is well ahead of the game. Featuring a projected cruise speed of 175 mph at 10,000 feet and a range of 155+ miles, including reserves, it’s the result of five years of technology development across four generations of technology demonstrators. The company applied for concurrent type certification for a high-capacity aircraft with EASA as well as the FAA back in 2018 and so far received CRI-A01 certification basis from the former.

Humble One Electric SUV Solar Roof
California-based electric vehicle startup Humble Motors has unveiled their all-new SUV, possibly the first with a solar roof. That’s right, instead of a traditional glass roof this vehicle boasts over 80 square feet of engineered photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight and transform it into energy, capable of increasing driving range by nearly 60 miles a day. Humble One measures 198 inches long, or shorter than the Tesla Cybertuck, while weighing in at a mere 4,000 pounds, compared to 5,000 – 6,500 pounds for the latter.