Largest Iron Man Collectionn
Terence Tee, a 38-year-old real estate agent, unofficially has the biggest Iron Man collection in Singapore, or at least until he gets it certified by Guinness World Records. What does he specialize in collecting? Limited edition figures made by Hot Toys. To date, he’s estimated to have already spent over $45,000 USD on various pieces, which are all on display in his office or man cave as some would like to call it.

For those unfamiliar with these figures, Hot Toys is a company based in Hong Kong and they make highly detailed figures ranging from Star Wars and John Wick to even Fantastic Beasts. Sometimes, they release ultra limited figures that can only be purchased at their physical stores in Hong Kong, and Mr. Tee actually flew there, opened a bank account, and deposited money for the right to buy one of the Iron Man releases. Why does he only collect Iron Man? Apparently, each figure consists of 250 to 300 pieces and he likes admiring the individual pieces of armor before putting them all back together again.

“My Iron Man collection is really a dedication hobby. Some people call them toys, but to us, they’re actually collectibles. It’s like a dedication of how far and how much I can do for a hobby,” said Tee.


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