BIVVI Camp A-Frame Cabin
Always wanted a cabin that comes fully assembled and can be towed just about anywhere? If so, then meet the Bivvi Camp. This minimalist A-frame cabin can easily be transported via a truck and then unloaded at a camp site. Once there, you can hook it up directly to the power grid or use an optional solar power kit. Inside, you’ll find a large triangular window that let you enjoy expansive views of the natural scenery and a comfortable bed.

Deepfake Tom Cruise
Sure, Tom Cruise may have wrapped filming on his latest Mission Impossible film, but that doesn’t mean he joined TikTok. Visual effects extraordinaire Chris Ume from Belgium teamed up with Miles Fisher, a Cruise impersonator, to create the most convincing deepfake videos that most have ever seen. However, these clips weren’t created to fool people, but rather inform them of the technical possibilities of artificial intelligence.

A Day in 1920s Paris AI Upscale
H/T: PetaPixel
Historians look back on Paris between the wars as a time when the French economy boomed, starting from 1921 until the Great Depression reached Paris in 1931. This period was called Les années folles or the “Crazy Years”, and the city reestablished itself as the capital of art, music, literature and cinema. This attracted hordes of writers and artists from around the world, including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and Josephine Baker. “A Day in 1920s Paris” captures some of the energy during this vibrant time period.

The Lap Pool House
Photo credit: Panagiotis Voymvakish | Aristides Dallas Architects
Nestled in the rugged landscape of Tinos, a small island off of Greece, is The Lap Pool House by Aristides Dallas Architects. This minimalist living space is built directly into the hillside in a seamless hidden way, or in the words of the designer, an interpretation of the “impact between stone and air.” The planted roof continues the extension of nature and provides a more natural look while still keeping a modern aesthetic below.

BOSS Superyacht
When money is no object, there are no limits to the luxuries a superyacht could have, and that’s exactly what French yacht designer Julien Cadro had in mind when creating BOSS. This luxurious vessel would be ideal for cruising the Mediterranean, measuring 262-feet in length, complete with three large. Step onto the main deck, and you’ll find a large beach club, along with plenty of storage for your other gadgets.