Commodore 64 C64 Computer Bitcoin Mining
If you weren’t around to experience the Commodore 64 first hand, this 8-bit home computer, first introduced in January 1982 at the Consumer Electronics Show, is still relatively easy to find, and now, for a much more lucrative reason…Bitcoin mining. That’s right, all you’ll need is the C64 itself and a software program called C64 Bitcoin Miner, which mines the cryptocurrency a rate of 0.2 hash per second.

However, don’t expect to become a Bitcoin millionaire, as you’re looking at a loss of about $3.48 a month due to electricity costs alone. One interesting thing you could try is a SuperCPU accelerator to increase the hash rate to 0.3 seconds, an improvement to the 3.5 seconds the C64 was originally achieving. On a related note, if you wanted to find a single block using this computer, it would take approximately 337-years and 10-months of nonstop mining.
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