DOOM Panic Playdate
For those who haven’t heard about Playdate, it’s essentially a portable game console developed by Panic in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, a Sweden-based consumer electronics company. Now, developer Nic Magnier has ported DOOM to this handheld, complete with a manually cranked chaingun. How long did it take to complete such a project? A total of 15-hours spread out over a week using the embedded devices fork of Chocolate Doom,

This console is fully open source and allows the sideloading of games without jailbreaking. These games are developed using an SDK that includes a simulator and debugger, both of which are compatible with the C and Lua programming languages. As for the display, it uses a Sharp-sourced Memory LCD, which works similar to e-paper displays.

Doom: The Board Game Second Edition
264 Reviews
Doom: The Board Game Second Edition
  • Based on Bethesda soft works' blockbuster science fiction shooter game
  • Experience the game from both invader and marine perspectives
  • Customize player decks throughout missions to improve your marine
  • Randomized Initiative makes for unpredictable and nerve racking activation phases
  • The fast paced struggle to survive and adapt to ever changing battle conditions replicates the heart pounding experience of a video game

I naturally asked if it would be possible to run Doom. We talked about it but no one really had time to work on it. [However], the real challenge [was porting] Doom to a black-and-white screen,” said Magnier to Kotaku.


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