Epic Games Unreal Engine 5 Superman Game Demo
Epic Games officially released Unreal Engine 5 earlier this week, and one indie developer has already used it to make a Superman-inspired game demo. More specifically, an open-world game based on The Matrix City Sample asset pack.

Sure, the character used by artist Volod in this flight demo may not look like the Man of Steel, but we all know that a quick reskin can change that. Most importantly, the character does boast superpowers that allow it to fly around the city at a speed that matches a speeding bullet. For those interested in the exact assets Volod used, they can be found in The Matrix Awakens tech demo released last year on the Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

If I can find an interesting gameplay loop that ties into the flight mechanic, I’d consider putting together a minimum viable product or demo and releasing it to the public. But obviously without the association to the Superman IP,” said its creator.


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