Fortnite X Mayhem Borderlands 3
Epic Games has officially unveiled the Fortnite and Borderlands 3 crossover in a “Fortnite X Mayhem” trailer. You’ll be able to explore a new Pandora Rift Zone that has risen where players found a Rift Beacon, entirely replacing the Truck ‘n’ Oasis Truck Stop. What would this crossover be if the characters don’t get a distinctive cel-shaded makeover when they enter the Rift Zone? Yes, Psycho and Claptrap are playable characters…for a price.

This crossover will come packaged free in the v10.20 patch, turning the gas station location in Fortnite’s desert biome into a Borderlands town. Unfortunately, it’s a limited-time event that is set to end on September 10th for the battle royale game mode. Plus, themed challenges will let players earn free rewards, including weapon wraps and spray paints. However, there’s no official timeline on when these challenges will go live, but if it followed previous updates, they should show up shortly after the patch.


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