Epic Games


Fortnite Chapter 2
Epic Games has officially launched Fortnite Chapter 2, and gamers definitely won’t be disappointed with the update. Featuring an entirely new map, lots of new skins and even updated game mechanics. To start, the island now has more mountains and includes Camp Cod, Power Plant, Weeping Woods, and even a lighthouse, all separated by small water inlets. This means players will be able to swim, fish or use boats, to get around.

Fortnite X Mayhem Borderlands 3
Epic Games has officially unveiled the Fortnite and Borderlands 3 crossover in a “Fortnite X Mayhem” trailer. You’ll be able to explore a new Pandora Rift Zone that has risen where players found a Rift Beacon, entirely replacing the Truck ‘n’ Oasis Truck Stop. What would this crossover be if the characters don’t get a distinctive cel-shaded makeover when they enter the Rift Zone? Yes, Psycho and Claptrap are playable characters…for a price.