Giant Gundam Robot Factory Yokohmama Japan
Gundam Factory Yokohama has finally opened to the public, complete with a 59-foot-tall robot, which as over 20 moving parts. Fans who are fortunate enough to be visiting the area will be able to climb up several observation decks between 49-59 feet on the Gundam-Dock Tower to get a closer look at the machine. Every 30-minutes, the robot will strike different poses, while at night, everything is going to be illuminated.

There’s even a Gundam-Lab exhibition facility on the site that lets guests try out a virtual reality dome simulating actually sitting inside the cockpit of the 25-ton mobile suit. Gundam Factory Yokohama was originally slated to open back in October, but that was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the bright side, this themed area is set to stay open until March 31, 2022. Admission is $16 USD for anyone aged 13 or older and $10.60 USD for children aged 7-12.
TAMASHII NATIONS Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team RX-79[G] Ez-8 Gundam Ez-8, BandaiGundam Universe
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