IKEA FYRTUR HomeKit Smart Window Blind
Physical IKEA stores may be closed right now due to COVID-19, but for those who haven’t yet picked up the FYRTUR smart window blind system, it’s now available online in the US. Pricing starts at $129 for the 23×76 3/4” blind and the 48×76 3/4” model clocks in at $179. One caveat: not every size is available to shipped.

If you want Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit integration, make sure to pick up the $35 TRADFRI gateway. Put simply, these smart window blinds are ideal for adding budget-priced motorized shades to your home or office, while the simple setup process won’t have you tinkering away for hours to get them set up.

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On a related note, do you know why IKEA products are named rather than numbered? If not, it’s because founder Ingvar Kamprad is dyslexic. He wanted to keep things easier, but their names to have an elaborate system. For example, the beds take after Norwegian place names, while sofas are named after Swedish towns.


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