eRosary Click to Pray
Officially called the “Click to Pray eRosary”, this just might be the strangest smart gadget you’ll ever come across. It’s shaped like your standard rosary and designed to teach the technology-focused youth how to pray properly. The eRosary can be worn like a bracelet and is activated by making the sign of the cross. There’s a companion smartphone app which synchronizes with the gadget and gives you access to an audio guide, exclusive images, personalized content, as well as to track user progress.

This high-tech rosary features ten consecutive black agate / hematite rosary beads, and a “smart cross” the data is stored. Once activated, the user has the option to pray the standard rosary, a contemplative Rosary, or even various thematic rosaries that are constantly updated. The device was designed by GadgeTek Inc. (GTI) and is manufactured by Acer. Two caveats: it can only be purchased through Acer’s Italian online store and it costs €99 ($110 USD).


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