Island Driverless Tram
Photo credit: Ponti Design Studio
We have seen the future of post-COVID19 transportation, and it includes Island by Andrea Ponti. This double-decker driverless tram was designed for use in Hong Kong, and its name refers to the island-like circular benches that facilitate social distancing, while passengers are seated facing outwards in a radial pattern.

Island Driverless Tram
Island Driverless Tram
Island Driverless Tram
Island Driverless Tram
Island Driverless Tram
Sleek and stylish, the exterior design draws inspiration from the bustling urban landscape of Hong Kong, complete with a host of panoramic glass as well as rounded-corner buildings. Since the tram does not require a human driver, interior space is maximized.

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We wanted to re-imagine public transport in the post-Covid era from a prevention perspective. Especially in the densely populated city of Hong Kong, where social distancing is hard to achieve. The idea of designing a tram is no coincidence: trams are one of the city’s landmarks and the tramways celebrate their 115th anniversary this year. The concept of social distancing, which limits people’s freedom to move and interact became the design challenge and focal point for the new concept,” said Andrea Ponti.


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