Tesla Model B Electric Bicycle
Photo credit: Kendall Toerner
Let’s face it, Tesla vehicles are great, but you can’t drive them on sidewalks nor on trails. What if Elon Musk were to develop an all-electric bicycle? Introducing the Tesla Model B. Not only is it environmentally friendly, easy to park, and low cost to run, it has an autopilot function as well. That’s right, it comes equipped with ultrasonic sensors as well as LiDAR that detect other bikes, cars, potholes, bumps, etc., so you can ride hands-free without having to worry.

Segway eMoped C80 Electric Bike
Segway-Ninebot has unveiled their latest creation, and it’s a smart electric bike, called the eMoped C80. It comes equipped with a 24Ah battery, which is good for 52.8 miles on a single charge, and can be removed easily to make charging a breeze. The bike’s body panels are made up of 100% eco-friendly PP plastics, showcasing its raw material and color without sacrificing eco-friendliness.

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle
There haven’t been too many electric unicycles to hit the market in recent years, but the InMotion V11 is the first to feature a built-in adjustable suspension. Power comes from a 2,200W electric motor that peaks at 3,000W, capable of hitting a top speed of 31 mph or if you use the companion app for a few tweaks, a zippy 34 mph. When the 84V battery is fully charged, you can expect up to 75 miles of range, which is plenty when riding around town or off-road.

MIT Autonomous Bike Project
Photo credit: Maitane Iruretagoyena
Researchers at the MIT Media Lab City Science have developed an on-demand autonomous bicycle that boasts a mechanical attachment, enabling it to shift easily from bicycle mode (when in use) to tricycle mode after the rider dismounts. It seamlessly transitions from one configuration to the other by using two linear actuators that separate and rejoin the wheels as necessary.