LAYER SequelCOVID-19 Movie Seat
Photo credit: Layer Design
Many movie theaters have already reopened, but even so, there are people who worry about their safety during this COVID-19 pandemic. Layer Design has come up with a special high-tech seat, called Sequel, that aims to prevent its spread. Put simply, they are made with antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral 3D-knitted fabrics woven with copper oxide threads.

LAYER COVID-19 Movie Seat
LAYER COVID-19 Movie Seat
LAYER COVID-19 Movie Seat
LAYER COVID-19 Movie Seat
LAYER COVID-19 Movie Seat
The seats are seamless to prevent dirt and grime from building up in the crevices, while semi-translucent screens are placed at the headrests to create a barrier, thus further reducing the chance of spreading the coronavirus. Other cool features include LED displays that display seat numbers and virus-killing UV lights can be found behind each seat as well as in the storage spaces for added safety. These modular seats can be arranged in any way the theater deems necessary. That’s not all, the headrests even have integrated speakers for an extra immersive experience.

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It is currently predicted that the global box office could lose $10 billion due to the pandemic. Sequel Seat offers the opportunity for cinemas to transform the cinema experience for moviegoers and tackle these challenges in a meaningful way,” said the design agency.


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