North Pool Igloo Hotel
Scandinavia-based travel company Luxury Action is set to offer a luxurious high-cost adventure that includes spending the night inside a heated igloo at the North Pole. Priced at $105K per person and only available in April 2020, guests will traverse to the northernmost point in the world for the “North Pole Igloos” experience, which consists of heated glass igloos that have been tested in “extreme arctic weather conditions.

Eagle Rock Cliffs Hotel
Photo credit: Weiqi Jin | Vague Edge Architectural Design
Beijing-based Duoxiangjie Architectural Design wanted to create something special for the Mufu and Lianyu mountains in China. So, they came up with Eagle Rock Cliffs at the Pingjian Homey Wild Luxury Hotel. Simply put, this complex consists of three separate buildings: Dinghui, Ziyahui, and Yanshang. Each one has its own distinctive feel, but all offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo Airbnb
At first glance, this snow igloo may appear to be from a movie or built specifically for a photo shoot, but it’s a real place that you can book on Airbnb this upcoming winter season (Nov. – Apr.). Called the Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo, these igloos are located on a quaint horse farm in Finland’s Pelkosenniemi region. These structures look not so cozy on the outside, but step inside? You’re greeted with sleeping bags and more.

Flying Nest Shipping Container Hotel
Created by French designer Ora ïto for AccorHotels, the Flying Nest is a hotel experience unlike any other that you’ve probably experienced. Rather than traditional towers, this hotel consists of individual shipping container modules joined together by their terraces to seamlessly blend nature and some modern luxuries. The entire structure can be fabricated in just one day, and can easily be moved around to different locations.

Boeing 727 Fuselage Home
Photo credit: Hotel Costa Verde
Hotel Costa Verde, located in Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica, has one of the most unique accommodations you probably never knew about. This Boeing 727 didn’t crash land in the jungle, but rather is an old fuselage that was refurbished into a suite of sorts. Should you be lucky enough to stay here, there’s also a restaurant housed in another plane, a “Cockpit Cottage” made from an Aéropostale aircraft, and a railroad car restaurant.