Oujia Robot Hand Planchette Halloween
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Most are familiar with Ouija, a spirit board marked with the letters of the Latin alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words “yes”, “no”, as well as “hello” and “goodbye” occasionally. Well, maker Ronald McCollam decided to create a Ouija robot, perfect for Halloween.

Just like the standard board, this robotic version uses a mannequin hand to move the planchette. However, this version doesn’t receive messages from those who have already passed, but rather tweets. An Adafruit Crickit board and a Raspberry Pi is what powers the hand, making it possible to spell out the tweets.
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Winning Moves Games Classic Ouija, Brown, 8 years and up
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Oujia Robot Hand Planchette Halloween

As I was playing with my original cardboard prototypes, I realized that it’s very difficult to actually see what is being spelled out without carefully watching the hand. So I added the Pi with a display for that purpose. Adding a Pi also meant that I could have it read from an Internet source easily instead of having a few pre-programmed messages as I had intended,” said McCollam.


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