REGENT Craft Electric Seaglider
REGENT has just unveiled their new all-electric vehicle, the Seaglider, which will fly along coastal routes operated by airlines, ferry companies, and governments. This aircraft combines the speed, comfort, and navigation systems into an ultra quiet design that offers the convenience, maneuverability, and affordability of a boat.

Whether it be commercial passengers or critical cargo, it has an electric range of 180 miles at a speed of 180 mph, all the while leveraging existing dock infrastructure. It can operate in multiple modes, making it perfect for a diverse set of environments. Once leaving a dock, the vehicle can operate at low speeds (20-45mph) on a hydrofoil, but after reaching open water, it takes off and accelerates to high speeds (45 – 180 mph) staying within one wingspan of the water’s surface. For added safety at these low altitudes, a multiply-redundant, state-of-the-art navigation and control system are utilized.
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REGENT Craft Electric Seaglider

REGENT has received $465M in provisional orders from some of the world’s largest airlines and ferry companies. Aircraft operators are excited because seagliders are half the operating cost of aircraft, and ferry operators are excited because the seagliders are six times faster.  For all customers, REGENT enables faster door-to-door times and a complete elimination of emissions,” said the company in a press release.


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