Awake Ravik S Electric Surfboard
Sweden-based Awake Boards unveiled the Rävik S, their second-generation electric surfboard, at Boot Düsseldorf last week. Unlike its predecessor, this model features a redesigned carbon fiber hull that rides 30 percent lower than its predecessor, has a narrow tail as well as softer edges for digging into the water to achieve tighter, harder and faster carves.

It’s powered by an 11-kW motor that propels that board from a standstill to 31 mph in just 4-seconds, while topping out at 35 mph. Riders can choose from four ride modes, all controlled using a wireless throttle. On an 80-minute charge, expect 20-45 minutes of ride time, which should be plenty, even without waves. There’s no word yet on availability, but when it does hit stores, expect to shell out $18,600 USD.

The original Rävik is a great product that caters to everyone who is looking for a great time on the water, no matter previous experience. What we are doing with the Rävik S is to offer a more playful attribute to this experience, with higher responsiveness and tighter carving,” said Awake CEO Daniel Aronsson.


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