Surf Lakes Largest Wave Pool
Australia-based Engenuity Solutions has created the world’s largest wave pool, and it’s called Surf Lakes. The system consists of “5 waves technology” with a piston-shaped wave-generating mechanism in the center. How does it work? A compressed air system makes the mechanism rise before it dives down into the water as it’s released, thus producing various types waves for surfers.

Fossil Fly Amber Australia
Photo credit: Jeffrey Stilwell
Scientist Jeffrey Stilwell, along with his colleagues, studied more than 5,800 amber pieces from the Macquarie Harbour Formation in Western Tasmania as well as the Anglesea coal seams west of Melbourne, dating all the way back to the early Eocene Epoch. In one piece, they discovered a rare “frozen behavior” of two mating long-legged flies. Amber not only preserves animals and insects, but it suspends them in a surreal scene.

Elemental House Australia
Photo credit: Jack Lovel & Dave Kulesza | Ben Callery Architects
Designed by Ben Callery Architects, the Elemental House is a minimalist living space nestled in the hilltops of Melbourne, which is also the most populous state of Victoria. Since this area has a temperate oceanic climate with warm to hot summers and cool winters, the design of this home keeps things simple, with just a single bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen and a living area.