Surf Lakes Largest Wave Pool
Australia-based Engenuity Solutions has created the world’s largest wave pool, and it’s called Surf Lakes. The system consists of “5 waves technology” with a piston-shaped wave-generating mechanism in the center. How does it work? A compressed air system makes the mechanism rise before it dives down into the water as it’s released, thus producing various types waves for surfers.

The mechanism’s shape allows the waves to break in all directions, which lets more surfers partake in the fun. What does it look like without water? The bottom features artificial reef breaks that produce five separate types of waves, with the sizes adjustable depending on how high the wave generator goes before dropping.

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Surf Lakes
Surf Lakes

We need to ensure the wave machine can deliver hundreds of millions of waves every year for decades for people to enjoy, and for surf park owners to confidently build businesses and developments around. The data from the prototype testing is also being used to optimize the performance of the machine further, ensure ease of construction, improve power efficiencies and bring the highest standard of safety in design to every element,” said Dr. Chris Hawley, managing director of Engenuity Solutions.


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