Canon PowerShot Zoom Monocular
Whether it be hiking, bird watching or a sporting event, an imaging tool that lets you see the action up-close could come in handy. Introducing the Canon PowerShot ZOOM, which is claimed to be the company’s first telephoto monocular. Featuring 100mm, 400mm and 800mm telephoto viewing capability with a one-touch switch, this monocular comes equipped with instant zoom for viewing things afar.

Canon IVY REC Clippable Camera
Set for release later this month, priced at $129.99, the Canon IVY REC is a clippable, wearable camera that easily snaps onto a belt or bag. Plus, the clip doubles as a viewfinder, which means you won’t have to worry about accidentally cracking a screen should there be a tumble. With just one click, you’ll be able to capture both photos and videos directly to the Canon Mini Cam app. When paired with a compatible mobile device, you’ll be able to keep an eye on battery life, remaining image capacity, video recording resolution (720p or 1080p), and image size.