Suzuki Samurai Japan Tsukaba Circuit Track
A Suzuki Samurai, also known as a Suzuki Jimmy in other parts of the world, isn’t typically a vehicle you would expect to see at Japan’s famed Tsukaba Circuit, but this modified version showed up and showed just how capable this mini off-road SUV really is. It comes powered by a 1.3L four-cylinder engine making 63 hp from the factory, but this one clearly has some upgrades.

Takara Tomy Gacha Machine Backpack
Takara Tomy Arts unveiled what could quite possibly be the world’s first gacha machine backpack in celebration of Gacha Day on February 17th. If you’re unfamiliar with gachapon, it’s basically a vending machine that dispenses capsule toys. This backpack doubles as a functional machine that comes complete with a mechanical dial that can be turned just like on a real machine.