Subaru Mobility Concept Battery Electric Vehicle BEV Concept
The Subaru Sport Mobility Concept was introduced today at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, and this EV was designed to put the driver at the center. It’s touted as a battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept that evokes the evolution of the SUBARU SPORT values, while the basic framework is based on the concept of pure driving.

With the driver front and center, they are able to control all four wheels at will in their low seating position. It was designed this way to ensure excellent visibility for the driver, offering a package that allows for both enjoyable driving a well as peace of mind. All of the body panels are designed to minimize surfaces and character lines, creating a clean, three-dimensional shape that provides a sense of protection.
VOLPAM Electric Scooter, 8.5''/10'' Tires, Max 19-27 Miles Range, 350-500W Motor, Max 19/21 MPH Speed, Dual Braking, Folding Commuting Electric Scooter Adults (SP06 Electric Scooter)
  • Upgraded Motor Wheel - Features a more powerful front-wheel-drive 350-Watt upgraded brushless motor, large 8.5-inch honeycomb solid tires, the electric scooters will not only be able to get up hills with ease but do so comfortably
  • Battery Performance - With high capacity lithium-ion battery, Our commute electric scooter can hit speeds of up to 19 MPH. It has a battery that will last up to 18 miles on a charge under specific conditions
  • Smart App - Simply pair APP electric scooter with your smartphone and use the app to lock/unlock, light on/off, gears, start mode (zero start or non-zero start), customize set maximum speed, cruise control, etc.

In addition, pursuing the goal of ‘delivering happiness to all,’ Subaru launched ‘Cherishing Every Life Project’ in Japan; initiatives to expand the circle of empathy and idea of living-together through contributions to the society,” said the company.


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