Pokemon Air Pikachu Rideable Toy
So we know that Pikachu refers to a species of Pokémon that are basically yellow rodent-like creatures with powerful electrical abilities. It made its first appearance in Pokémon Red and Green in Japan. Today, Pokémon Air was unveiled, and it’s a Pikachu toy unlike any other. Think of it as a rubber creature that you can ride around or lounge on, and it supports up to 220-pounds without any issues. There are no wheels, so you’ll have to put your hopping skills to the test if you choose the former.

Premium Bandai Pokedex iPhone Case
For those who aren’t into Pokémon, the Pokédex is basically an electronic device designed to catalogue and provide information about the different Pokémon species found in the video game, anime and manga series. In the games, whenever a Pokémon is first captured, its data is added to a player’s Pokédex. While you won’t be able to obtain one of these devices in real-life, Premium Bandai might have the next best thing for iPhone owners.