Premium Bandai Pokedex iPhone Case
For those who aren’t into Pokémon, the Pokédex is basically an electronic device designed to catalogue and provide information about the different Pokémon species found in the video game, anime and manga series. In the games, whenever a Pokémon is first captured, its data is added to a player’s Pokédex. While you won’t be able to obtain one of these devices in real-life, Premium Bandai might have the next best thing for iPhone owners.

Premium Bandai Pokedex iPhone Case
It’s called the Premium Bandai Pokémon Pokédex iPhone Case, and is compatible with the iPhone 6 / 7/ 8 / X models. Two caveats: it’s only being released in Japan (March 2020) and will be priced at $69.99. Just how big is the case? Well, if you don’t mind a somewhat thicker case, it measures in at 170mm x 103mm x 17mm and weighs 390g.

Premium Bandai Pokedex iPhone Case


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