South Korea


Apple AirPods Case Korea
Apple AirPods can either be purchased with a standard charging case or a wireless one, but in Korea, many owners have created their own customizations. Whether it be cute animals, fries, or even salt & pepper shakers, you’ll find them in a creative commercial that was discovered on the Korean Apple website. Unfortunately, none of these are available for purchase, but they may give you some ideas for your own.

New Korean Garden Inflatable Balloon Rooftop
Photo credit: SKNYPL
Design firm SKNYPL has proposed a unique inflatable structure for the Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture in South Korea, called “New Korean Garden”. It was created specifically for the Seoul Maru Competition and aims to be a gathering space for Seoul citizens as well as tourists who just want an interesting spot to capture a photo or two for an Instagram post.

Wind of Jeju Wireless Charging Pad Fan
Photo credit: Do Hyeung Kim
Jeju Island, South Korea’s largest island, has multiple forms of renewable energy, including wind, solar, solar thermal, and geothermal. However, visitors will notice that the wind turbines definitely stand out in Jeju, and they play a very important role in generating the island’s renewable energy. Industrial designer Do Hyeung Kim wanted to recognize this, but with a play on wireless charging.