Apple AirPods Case Korea
Apple AirPods can either be purchased with a standard charging case or a wireless one, but in Korea, many owners have created their own customizations. Whether it be cute animals, fries, or even salt & pepper shakers, you’ll find them in a creative commercial that was discovered on the Korean Apple website. Unfortunately, none of these are available for purchase, but they may give you some ideas for your own.

For those who have never heard of AirPods or have been wondering just how they differ from other wireless earbuds, they basically sport an integrated microphone that filters out background noise for phone calls / Siri, built-in accelerometers as well as optical sensors to detect taps (double-tap to pause audio or skip tracks). The in-ear design means it’s also capable of pausing automatically when they’re removed from the ear(s).

AirPods Case Korea
AirPods Case Korea
The latest generation feature the new H1 chip and hands-free “Hey Siri” support. Can’t live without wireless charging? You can opt for the slightly more expensive wireless charging case model. These new models also offer 50% more talk time over the first generation AirPods.


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