BOSS Superyacht
When money is no object, there are no limits to the luxuries a superyacht could have, and that’s exactly what French yacht designer Julien Cadro had in mind when creating BOSS. This luxurious vessel would be ideal for cruising the Mediterranean, measuring 262-feet in length, complete with three large. Step onto the main deck, and you’ll find a large beach club, along with plenty of storage for your other gadgets.

Swan-Shaped Avanguardia Superyacht
Photo credit: Lazzarini Design Studio
Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio reveals his latest creation, the Avanguardia. This ultra luxurious swan-shaped superyacht is unlike any other that you’ve seen before, and it’ll cost you half a billion dollars to own. The sea vessel boasts five decks that can comfortably accommodate up to 60 people, and instead of a traditional control room, there’s a detachable head in front that allows the captain to maneuver the superyacht. When you want to go for a day trip, simply disconnect from the main vessel, and you’ve got a 50-foot cruiser.

Kiwa Superyacht
Photo credit: KVANT1
Amsterdam-based Isaac Burrough Design unveils their latest project, the Kiwa superyacht concept, which is designed to maximize energy efficient technologies. Starting from the exterior, it features a narrow hull, with a low volume-to-length ratio to lower fuel consumption and improve efficiency, while up top, you’ll find 2,000-square-feet of solar panels.

Slipstream Superyacht
Photo credit: Nauta Design
A superyacht is typically an ultra luxurious, professionally crewed yacht that ranges in size from from 40-meters (130-feet) to over 180-meters (590-feet). They are typically designed to maximize comfort, speed, as well as expedition capability, and are most often found in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. The Slipstream Superyacht by Nauta Design has all of these attributes and more.