Boeing 727 Fuselage Home
Photo credit: Hotel Costa Verde
Hotel Costa Verde, located in Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica, has one of the most unique accommodations you probably never knew about. This Boeing 727 didn’t crash land in the jungle, but rather is an old fuselage that was refurbished into a suite of sorts. Should you be lucky enough to stay here, there’s also a restaurant housed in another plane, a “Cockpit Cottage” made from an Aéropostale aircraft, and a railroad car restaurant.

House Inside a Rock
Photo credit: Amey Kandalgaonkar
If you’re not familiar with the game Minecraft, it basically allows you to build just about anything with various different blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world. Whether it be houses, scenes from movies, or just random objects, your imagination is the limit. Architect Amey Kandalgaonkar imagines what such a house would look like in real-life, thus “House Inside a Rock” was created.