WOWCube Rubik's Cube Game Console
What happens when you cross a Rubik’s Cube with a game console? You get WOWCube, the first game console that you can can twist, shake, and even turn. The device itself consists of eight autonomous modules combined together in a way that can be rotated (four square segments on each face of the cube), just like a Rubik’s Cube. Every single one of the autonomous modules boasts three sub-display panels mounted to its outer faces.

What sets this apart from other Rubik’s Cube-like devices is its patented magnetic connector that enables a continuous flow of information between the autonomous modules for a seamless gaming experience. Best of all, it comes preloaded with several classic titles, including Pipes, Scrabble, Space, Puzzle, and Maze. You can easily load more with its mobile app and over a Bluetooth connection. It will make its CES 2021 debut next month.
The Original Rubik’s Connected - Smart Digital Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM Puzzle That Fits All Ages and Capabilities
  • SMART & CONNECTED - The known, original, iconic and classic Rubik’s Cube reinvented for the 21st century. The Rubik’s Connected cube is an innovative app-enabled cube puzzle game that connects to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth and allows you to LEARN how to solve the Rubik’s, PLAY mini-games, IMPROVE your game and BATTLE with other cubers around the world.
  • INTERACTIVE - The free companion application tracks your smart cube’s orientation and moves in real-time, allowing you to learn how to solve this cube puzzle and play through an interactive and engaging experience. Troubleshooting guidance included in App
  • TRACK PROGRESS - Use the mobile application to track your electronic cube progress, get accurate stats and improve your solve time. Challenge yourself and get better! Sharpen your skills and join our global leaderboard.

We are making it possible for indie game developers and amateurs alike to create their own games for the WOWCube by using our custom SDK (currently in alpha) that will soon be available on GitHub. Even if you don’t currently have WOWCube, you still can create games and see how they work on the device by using our desktop app,” said its creators.


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