Alien Movie Apartment Spaceship Nostromo
Photo credit: Luis Nostromo
Film buffs are most likely very familiar with Alien, a science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott that follows the crew of the commercial space tug Nostromo. It is there where they encounter the eponymous Alien, an extremely dangerous extraterrestrial set loose on the spaceship. Luis Nostromo from Barcelona loves the films so much that he has transformed his apartment into a spaceship-like museum themed after the franchise.

He’s a driver by day, so everything you see in the 55-square-metre space has been handmade for cost savings purposes. Materials used include wood, metal grating, plastic, PVC, and other recycled items. However, you will find some original screen-used props, such as the chest armor worn by the marine Frost in Aliens. Once everything is finished, he plans to let people reserve time slots to visit the museum.
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I saw Alien when I was nine years old; I was so scared but fascinated by the creature. Then I saw Aliens and then became obsessed by the franchise, and started to collect some alien toys, books etc. I’ve been collecting Alien for more than 20 years, but just over three years ago I ran out of space at home and I decided to move everything to another space next to my house. It’s a space of 65 m² and I decided go a step farther and decorate the place by recreating parts of the life-size sets: I built a corridor section of the Nostromo, part of Ash’s laboratory, part of the auxiliary ship Narcissus,” said Nostromo.


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