Baseus Personal Refrigerator TV Set
Photo credit: Jiujiu Hu via Yanko Design
At first glance, the Baseus Personal Refrigerator by designer Jiujiu Hu may look like a miniature TV set, but it’s actually designed to chill things. The design is kept simple, with only a leather strap up top to make it easier to transport. Inside, there’s a shelf that splits the refrigerated section into two, making it easy to separate your drinks from the food.

Baseus Personal Refrigerator
Baseus Personal Refrigerator
Baseus Personal Refrigerator
Before refrigerators, people used ice houses to keep things chilled. They were normally located near freshwater lakes, which get plenty of snow and ice during the winter. Some who live off the grid near mountainsides, or just on a camping trip, still use runoff from melting snow to cool drinks today. However, the word “refrigeratory” was used as early as the 17th century (1601 – 1700).

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Baseus Personal Refrigerator
Baseus Personal Refrigerator
Now if you’re talking about domestic refrigerators, they didn’t come about until 1913, and were invented by Fred W. Wolf from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The early models consisted of a refrigerator unit mounted atop of an ice box. It wasn’t until 1914 when engineer Nathaniel B. Wales came up with the idea for a practical electric refrigeration unit.


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