BulkPods AirPods Charging Case
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Apple AirPods can quite easily be lost if you’re out and about, without the charging case around to keep them safely stored away. Introducing BulkPods by Unnecessary Inventions. All that’s required is that you buy up to 24 pairs beforehand, so you’ll be able to quickly replace any lost earbud instantly, and fully charged to boot.

BulkPods AirPods Charging Case
As many already know, AirPods not only play audio, but they feature a built-in microphone that filters out background noise, which allows taking phone calls and talking to Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. Plus, integrated accelerometers and optical sensors can detect taps (e.g. double-tap to pause audio) and in-ear placement, which enables automatic pausing when they’re taken out of the ears.

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone
  • Quick access to Siri by saying “ Hey Siri ”
  • More than 24 hours total listening time with the Charging Case
  • Effortless setup, in-ear detection, and automatic switching for a magical experience
Apple AirPods Pro
300,235 Reviews
Apple AirPods Pro
  • Active noise cancellation for immersive sound
  • Transparency mode for hearing and connecting with the world around you
  • Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit

BulkPods AirPods Charging Case
BulkPods AirPods Charging Case

The included carrying lanyard will be the ultimate flex when this on your side. But wait did someone take my charge cord?,” said its creator.


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