SunCity Camp Mars Wadi Rum Jordan
There are many reasons why humans should eventually colonize Mars, and the main ones include long-term scientific research, possible business interests, and just plain curiosity. Thanks to the planet’s surface conditions and the presence of water, it’s currently the most hospitable of the planets in our Solar System, besides our own. However, it will be years until humans step foot on the Martian soil, but SunCity Camp will let you experience the landscape right here on Earth.

Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo Airbnb
At first glance, this snow igloo may appear to be from a movie or built specifically for a photo shoot, but it’s a real place that you can book on Airbnb this upcoming winter season (Nov. – Apr.). Called the Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo, these igloos are located on a quaint horse farm in Finland’s Pelkosenniemi region. These structures look not so cozy on the outside, but step inside? You’re greeted with sleeping bags and more.

Boeing 727 Fuselage Home
Photo credit: Hotel Costa Verde
Hotel Costa Verde, located in Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica, has one of the most unique accommodations you probably never knew about. This Boeing 727 didn’t crash land in the jungle, but rather is an old fuselage that was refurbished into a suite of sorts. Should you be lucky enough to stay here, there’s also a restaurant housed in another plane, a “Cockpit Cottage” made from an A√©ropostale aircraft, and a railroad car restaurant.

Mont-Saint-Michel Drone
Some time during January 2015, Normandy, France, where Mont-Saint-Michel is located, experienced extremely high tides, thus transforming the commune into a breathtaking island. Wanaii Films decided to walk all the way over there at 5am that morning, and wait at the bottom. The water rose slowly, and soon, the Mount once again became an island. The sun then rose and people started arriving to take in the magic.