Nialiatta Prototype Elevated Cabin Finland
Photo credit: Studio Puisto
Designed by Studio Puisto and located in Finland’s Kivijärvi Resort, the Nialiatta prototype is basically an elevated cabin that you can actually stay in that is held up by a single pillared foundation. Inside, you’ll only find the necessities in minimalist form, which includes a sleeping area, bathroom, and possibly kitchenette. This is just one of twenty five eco-cabins that will eventually be built at this unique resort.

Jilong Castle Country Club Hotel China
At first glance, this may look like a medieval castle somewhere in Europe, but this is actually the Jilong Castle Country Club. This four-star resort,, located on a small island in the middle of Wanfeng Lake in southwestern China’s Guizhou Province, wouldn’t look out of place in a fairy tale, complete with a picturesque bridge linking it to the mainland. However, don’t let its looks fool you, staying a night here will only run you around $40 USD for a basic room.

Whale Tail Sculpture Metro Train Accident
The “Saved by the Whale’s Tail” sculpture, built in 2002 at De Akkers station in Spijkenisse, a city just outside Rotterdam, saved a metro train after it went off the tracks. Rather than crash 30-feet to the ground below, the tail managed to save the day, albeit with some minor damage. Thankfully, only the train operator was the only person aboard at the time, but there is still no clear reason as to why it didn’t stop in time.

Life-Sized Godzilla Awaji Island Japan
Nijigen no Mori Park,a theme park located on Awaji Island off the city of Kobe, just debuted the world’s first life-sized Godzilla attraction that lets visitors zip line into its mouth. The monster reportedly measures 393.7-feet long and is officially called “Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji”. You play the role of researchers and enter Godzilla’s body from its mouth through a zip line, while taking on “missions” to prevent it from destroying the city.

Boomkamp Tree House Hotel
You’ve probably heard of glamping, which is the portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping”, but for those who haven’t, it’s basically camping with amenities with some resort-style services. Boomkamp, managed by Ika Merlin and Tobias Knockaert, aims to take that to a whole new level. Situated in a forest not far from Bruges, Belgium, this tree house hotel complex of sorts offers all that you need for a comfortable night’s stay.