Life-Sized Godzilla Awaji Island Japan
Nijigen no Mori Park,a theme park located on Awaji Island off the city of Kobe, just debuted the world’s first life-sized Godzilla attraction that lets visitors zip line into its mouth. The monster reportedly measures 393.7-feet long and is officially called “Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji”. You play the role of researchers and enter Godzilla’s body from its mouth through a zip line, while taking on “missions” to prevent it from destroying the city.

When you’ve completed all the missions, head on over to the museum that’s loaded with figures as well as dioramas used during the actual films from the franchise. If you’re hungry, head to the restaurant for some “Godzilla Curry”, which unfortunately (or fortunately), will not give you any superpowers. Tickets for adults cost around $36 USD, while children aged 5-11 will only have to pay $21 USD.
FUNKO GAMES: Godzilla -Tokyo Clash For Ages 10 and up - 4 Players
  • Play as famous Kaiju, with each player selecting to be either Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghiborah, or Megalon, and battle to see which monster will reign as king!
  • Plan your strategy to gain energy by destroying select targets in order to use your Kaiju’s special abilities to defeat the other monsters.
  • It’s a race to establish dominance before the humans are able to deploy their special game ending weapon.

Life-Sized Godzilla Awaji Island Japan
Life-Sized Godzilla Awaji Island Japan
Life-Sized Godzilla Awaji Island Japan

It’s the perfect weather for Godzilla — the embodiment of a raging god — to appear. We would like visitors to learn about Awaji Island through the globally renowned Godzilla,” said Yasuyuki Nambu, who heads recruitment firm Pasona, the park’s operator.


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