Cyber Supra Karlmann King Cybertruck
Photo credit: Flat Hat 3D
What happens when the Tesla Cybertruck meets the Toyota GR Supra and Karlmann King? You get the Cyber Supra of course. Even though the exterior might look sporty, it’s actually built atop a Ford F-550 chassis, complete with bullet-resistant body panels. As for the engine, customers can either opt for a 6.8-liter V-10 from the F-550 or possibly an all-electric drivetrain from Elon Musk’s company. The interior is completely bespoke, so it will look nothing like the the Cybertruck or Supra.

Since the interior is completely custom, what can you expect? How about a pop-up display, a fridge loaded with champagne, a functional espresso machine, champagne flutes, a PlayStation 5 game console, starry LED roof, and of course the finest leathers for the upholstery. Now the only issue with all of these luxuries is that the vehicle will most likely weigh in at over 13,000-pounds, which means it’s limited to a top speed of just 88mph.
BEZGAR 1:14 Scale 4WD RC Crawler Truck - 15 Km/h All Terrain Electric Toy Car with Rechargeable Battery for Kids, Teens and Adults
  • 【DOUBLE SIDE DRIVE DESIGN】🏅This RC car allows you to drive on both sides powered by its unique design, so you don’t have to worry about the car rollover. No matter how the vehicle turns over, you can just continue to operate it without the need of walking into it to turn it over.
  • 【TRANSFORMABLE EXPERIENCE】 Due to the special bionic spine you can use one button to transform the rc crawler to on-road and off-road mode, allowing you to experience from both sides and different terrains under two different modes.
  • 【4WD PERFORMANCE CONTROL】With 4 wheel drive, the rc car front and rear dual motors provide strong power torque which is able to conquer various terrain like grassland, sandy land, muddy grounds, snow and so on.

Cyber Supra Karlmann King Cybertruck
Cyber Supra Karlmann King Cybertruck
Cyber Supra Karlmann King Cybertruck
Cyber Supra Karlmann King Cybertruck
Cyber Supra Karlmann King Cybertruck


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