Tesla Electric Motorcycle
Photo credit: James Gawley
It would only make sense for Elon Musk’s Tesla to build an electric motorcycle, as they have dominated with their Model 3 / S / X and soon, the Cybertruck. What could the two-wheeled bike look like? Well, automotive designer James Gawley provides us with an idea. Rather than a traditional speedometer and gauges, this one would have a giant touchscreen in their place.

Fallout Shelter has now officially been added to Tesla Arcade, and similar to the other titles, you use the vehicle’s center infotainment screen and steering wheel as controls. For those who don’t know, you can play this game on the Tesla Model S, 3, X or Y. Other additions in the version 2020.20 update include revamped Tesla Theater controls that let you use the use of steering-wheel buttons when playing, pausing and scrubbing between videos…

Tesla Xbox Game Console
Photo credit: Martin Hajek via Yanko Design
If Tesla and Microsoft teamed up to make an Xbox Series X console inspired by the Cybertruck, this is probably what it would look like. Designer Martin Hajek came up with this concept and modeled it around the upcoming console, but gave it a low-poly makeover. No technical specifications were revealed, but we can’t imagine it being any more powerful than it already is going to be.