Cyber Supra Karlmann King Cybertruck
Photo credit: Flat Hat 3D
What happens when the Tesla Cybertruck meets the Toyota GR Supra and Karlmann King? You get the Cyber Supra of course. Even though the exterior might look sporty, it’s actually built atop a Ford F-550 chassis, complete with bullet-resistant body panels. As for the engine, customers can either opt for a 6.8-liter V-10 from the F-550 or possibly an all-electric drivetrain from Elon Musk’s company. The interior is completely bespoke, so it will look nothing like the the Cybertruck or Supra.

Tesla Model B Electric Bicycle
Photo credit: Kendall Toerner
Let’s face it, Tesla vehicles are great, but you can’t drive them on sidewalks nor on trails. What if Elon Musk were to develop an all-electric bicycle? Introducing the Tesla Model B. Not only is it environmentally friendly, easy to park, and low cost to run, it has an autopilot function as well. That’s right, it comes equipped with ultrasonic sensors as well as LiDAR that detect other bikes, cars, potholes, bumps, etc., so you can ride hands-free without having to worry.

CyberMini Tesla Cybertruck
Always wanted a remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck, or at least a miniature 1:17 scale model? If so, then look no further than the CyberMini. Limited to just 40-units due to the time consuming nature of hand building each one, the scale model can either be used as a decorative piece, or driven around like a normal remote-controlled car. Its build around a core chassis for the ultimate in rigidity as well as durability.