Satechi Cybermouse Tesla Cybertruck
Many have seen the Tesla Cybertruck, but what if there was a computer mouse inspired by the vehicle’s design? Meet the Satechi Cybermouse concept. This peripheral is constructed of unibody aluminum casing for maximum durability, complete with indestructible components with the company’s exclusive “Super-Tough bulletproof aluminum.” Whether if you’re an office warrior or gamer, its heavy-duty aluminum design, ambient LED lights, and 20,000 DPI sensor should be ample.

Aether Electric Motorcycle Tesla Cybertruck
Photo credit: Lin Yu Cheng
What happens when you combine an electric motorcycle with the Tesla Cybertruck? Lin Yu Cheng’s Aether. Unlike other models currently out on the market, this one boasts two front air intakes that come equipped with ceramic filter modules for trapping PM 2.5 micro-particles. This means that it actually cleans the air its driving through, and when it comes to replacements, you can simply remove them for manual washing or new ones altogether.

Tesla Semi Track
Tesla “Technoking” Elon Musk has been known for hinting at upcoming vehicles and / or new features, with the latest being a video of the company’s upcoming Semi at a test track in Fremont. This vehicle can reportedly hit 60 mph in 20-seconds with a full 80,000-pound load, or 5-seconds without a trailer, all powered by four independent motors on the rear axles. There’s no official word yet on when we’ll see it on public roads, but as you can see, the prototype is almost there.

Ares Design Tesla Model S Convertible
Italy-based luxury design studio ARES recently built a one-off Tesla Model S convertible for a customer. To make this a reality, they had mechanics remove the roof, rear doors and the B-pillars to facilitate longer front doors. Next, Centro Stile had to design a new rear bonnet with plenty of space for the roof when it’s stowed away in open-top mode. Finishing things off, the team added a carbon fiber body kit.

Cyber Supra Karlmann King Cybertruck
Photo credit: Flat Hat 3D
What happens when the Tesla Cybertruck meets the Toyota GR Supra and Karlmann King? You get the Cyber Supra of course. Even though the exterior might look sporty, it’s actually built atop a Ford F-550 chassis, complete with bullet-resistant body panels. As for the engine, customers can either opt for a 6.8-liter V-10 from the F-550 or possibly an all-electric drivetrain from Elon Musk’s company. The interior is completely bespoke, so it will look nothing like the the Cybertruck or Supra.