Firenze Lanciare Flying Supercar
Created by designer Greg Brown, the Firenze Lanciare just might be the world’s first flying supercar concept that is actually plausible, or so we think. Boasting retractable wings extended, it’s powered by two Williams FJ-33 jet engines producing 2,000 pounds when in the air, enabling it to cruise at 520 mph and a range of 850 miles, thanks to a 300-gallon fuel tank. When on land, the vehicle utilizes two electric motors that generate a combined 1,000 horsepower, which means a 0-60 mph time of under four seconds.

Firenze Lanciare Flying Supercar
Since Brown is a former fighter jet pilot, he’s familiar with how their flight systems work and what materials the Lanciare would need to use to ensure safety, like a carbon fiber clad foam-core body, an aluminum chassis and a chromoly frame. It also comes equipped with retractable tires capable of handling both the road and runway, with the latter requiring just 2,500-feet for take off. Inside, you’ll be surprised to discover that it’s more car than aircraft, as all the avionics are shown on a heads-up display. There are four leather seats, complete with sound insulating foam and laminated polycarbonate windows to keep things as quiet as possible.

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