Foldable Folding iPhone
Rumors have been circulating online about Apple working on a folding iPhone, and for that to happen, it would need a flexible display. Scotty Allen of Strange Parts decided to build a proof of concept device showing how it would work using a flexible AMOLED display. It all started with a shipment of two flexible panels from Aliexpress, with one measuring just 0.3 mm thick. Unfortunately, the thinner display was a bit too fragile, while the other one was less flexible.

The displays were plugged into adapter boards for an HDMI connection, which was then powered on using a Raspberry Pi 4 mini computer. This connection allowed Scotty to mirror his iPhone screen over a Wi-Fi connection. Fortunately, the test was a success and only set him back around $500. This would mean that if Apple were to release a folding iPhone, its cost would be significantly more than a standard model, possibly over $2,000+.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G | Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone | 256GB Storage | US Version Smartphone Tablet | 2-in-1 Refined Design, Flex Mode | Mystic Bronze
  • Refined 2-in-1 Design: A new, revolutionary mobile experience with on-demand expansive viewing, seamless interactivity, and cinematic infinity displays; Folded, it’s a cell phone – unfolded, it’s a tablet
  • Adaptive Flex Mode: Capture hands-free photos and videos from any angle, and control Android apps by using both halves of the large display; Preview on one half and video chat, record, browse, edit, and more on the other screen
  • Productivity & Play: The latest Galaxy cellphone brings seamless integration of hardware and software, so you can multitask while using multiple apps; Enjoy wireless DeX productivity, which allows you to use a monitor or TV as a second to display for gaming, working, and more


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