Hydromea ExRay First Wireless Portable Underwater Drone
Swiss company Hydromea has just unveiled a prototype of the world’s first wireless portable underwater drone. It’s compact enough to fit into a backpack, can be remotely controlled, and transmits HD video in real=time without requiring any physical connection to the pilot. Some practical uses in inspection scenarios include surveying confined flooded spaces, like hydropower dams, closed waterways and ballast tanks on ships.

Other technical specifications were not released, but we do know that the drone measures 70cm in length, weighs 7kg and is powered by 7 DiskDrive thrusters, which allows for 6 DoF maneuverability. Plus, it comes equipped with a camera capable of tilting and zooming in on subjects, complete with a short focusing distance.

Hydromea First Wireless Portable Underwater Drone

Since radio signals do not travel under water, Hydromea had to develop a new technology to control the drone: a wireless optical system which uses light to transmit high-bandwidth data. With our unique technology that is robust and miniaturized, we can finally cut the cord and unleash the freedom of portable robotics underwater,” said Felix Schill, co-founder and CTO of Hydromea.


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