Mark Berryman Design Luxury Private Jet Interior
British designer Mark Berryman typically works on yachts, but his latest project takes to the skies, literally. This luxury private jet interior not only has a zen-like bedroom, complete with floor accent lighting, but just about everything you’d expect from a penthouse suite.

Mark Berryman Design Luxury Private Jet Interior
Mark Berryman Design Luxury Private Jet Interior
Mark Berryman Design Luxury Private Jet Interior
How did this idea come about? Well, he partnered with Boeing Business Jets to come up with two luxurious layouts for the BBJ 737, with the first one for private use, while the second targeted at corporate clients. The goal was to convey a soft warm feeling using subtle Asian-style accents and many personal touches, including an owner’s suite, office workspace, separate bedroom as well as a spacious bathroom.

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I always think it’s a good thing when new people come into the field. Even with yachts, there’s still a learning process. The question became whether you could come up with clever ways to solve the problems. Most of what we saw when we looked around were very high-tech, sleek designs. They look great, but it’s not necessarily something you want for a 14- or 15-hour flight. We wanted people to feel like they could relax and put their feet up,” said Berryman.

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