McLaren Can-Am Homage
For those who don’t follow McLaren, the M8A was essentially a race car developed by driver Bruce McLaren and his racing team for their entry in 1968 Can-Am season. The M8A was the vehicle that started it all and its following successors dominated Can-Am racing for four consecutive racing seasons, until the arrival of the Porsche 917. To pay tribute, industrial designer Yosuke Yamada came up with the McLaren Can-Am Homage.

The main focus of the McLaren Can-Am Homage is aerodynamics, starting with the pneumatic cooling unit that draws air inside for maximum efficiency, while a large wing out back makes sure that the hypercar stays planted on the track. Unlike the M8A, which was powered by an all-aluminum 7.0L Chevrolet big-block V8 generating 620 horsepower, this modern hypercar most likely boasts either an all-electric or hybrid powerplant.

LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR 42123 Toy Car Model Building Kit; Build and Display an Authentic McLaren Supercar, New 2021 (830 Pieces)
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McLaren Can-Am Homage Concept
McLaren Can-Am Homage Concept
McLaren Can-Am Homage Concept
McLaren Can-Am Homage Concept
McLaren Can-Am Homage Concept


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