Mudita Pure Minimalist Phone
The problem with most smartphones is that there is just too much going on at once, whether it be notifications, calls, texts or other distractions. Mudita Pure wants to keep things simple by only offering the most basic of functions, similar to what the mobile phones of the early 2000s were like. You use directional buttons to navigate menus, and its E-ink display measures just 2.84-inches (600 x 480 resolution) with just 16 shades of grey.

Despite the simple display, text and images should be easier than ever to view, since it eliminates the harsh blue light found on modern display technologies. Mudita Pure may not have an internet browser, but there is still a way to get online, as you can just plug it into a laptop or other device via USB-C, and it can be used as a modem anywhere there are cell phone towers.

Mudita Pure Minimalist Phone
As for apps, it comes pre-installed with a notepad, alarm clock, music player, flashlight, voice recorder, calculator, calendar, and even a meditation timer. It may be simple, but this phone did not skimp on sound quality, as it boasts a Harman speaker, but can also connect to headphones through either Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm audio jack. When fully-charged via USB-C, you can expect up to 5-days of use before you need to recharge. The crowdfunding campaign lets you pre-order one for $295, with shipments beginning in Apr. 2020. Kickstarter page here.


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