Qworkntine Work Pod
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Called ‘Qworkntine’, these modular work pods are designed to help employees safely return to the workplace as lockdown measures ease over the coming months. Each one contains an airtight seal and just enough space to get everything done. For security purposes, each employee is authenticated with facial recognition technology, thus eliminating the need for a door handle.

Qworkntine Work Pod
Qworkntine Work Pod
Qworkntine Work Pod
We all know that small spaces tend to get quite stuffy without proper ventilation, and that’s why these work pods all come equipped with electric fans as well as an air purification system to keep things fresh. They’re also made with nonporous materials, so disinfecting them between uses is quick and easy without requiring any special equipment.

FLEXISPOT Exercise Bike Standing Desk Bike Height Adjustable Stationary Bike Desk Cycle with Adjustable Desktop Home Workstations White
  • TIKTOK DESK BIKE. Part exercise bike, part standing desk. with a desk surface large enough to accommodate a laptop, notebooks and your mobile phone. ATTENTION: battery is not included.
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: An ideal machine to help safeguard your health and stay in shape when working from home.
  • “WHISPER QUIET” PEDALING is ideal for home while watching youtube/TV, recreational webserfing/socmed or listening to music or even when snacking it seems excellent.

Qworkntine Work Pod
Qworkntine Work Pod
There are various modules that range from typical pods to a right angle model and even one designed for management. Whichever configuration your employer chooses, these pods can be setup a multitude of arrangements to fit the office space.


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