Reachy Open Source Robot
France-based Pollen Robotics has debuted Reachy at CES 2020, and while it may look like yet another robot at first glance, it’s actually of the open-source variety. That’s right, developers can use Python to create custom applications for Reachy’s system, while its modular parts can be swapped in and out depending on the task, like for food purposes or just customer service.

There’s already a built-in artificial intelligence system, so developers won’t have to spend much time training it. As for the technical specifications, the robot features 7° of movement arms that can be equipped with a number of accessories, such as clamps to five-fingered human-like hands, while a specialized neck joint enables the robot’s head to swivel, pan as well as tilt. One caveat: the basic single-arm model will set you back a hefty $9,000 and $17,000 for one with two arms.


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